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Let's get Together

We're Sava, a small studio of photographers who bonded over our similar educational background, love of art, & general affinity for timeless wedding photos.

We became wedding photographers because we truly believe we have something different to bring to the table.


We've taken everything we learned in art school and used it to influence our wedding photography.

When we work together, we want you to almost forget we're there; savor every moment of your wedding day — we'll be right behind you capturing it all. Every wedding can be a work of art - our job is to make sure you see it that way, too.

Our promise is to help you relive each moment of your wedding day every time you look at your images, make you feel comfortable in front of the camera, and blend into the crowd like we're your guests.

We pride ourselves on open & honest communication with our couples, a seamless booking-through-wedding-day process, super speedy photo delivery, and lending a helping hand in any way we can.


When we work together, I'll do everything I can to get to know you and your partner, ensuring your photos feel authentic to your personalities. Our relationship will be collaborative, not one-sided. We'll share ideas, inspiration, and I'll answer all your burning wedding related (or not) questions.

From your inquiry, to your engagement session, to your wedding day and beyond, I'm here.

LOVES: Mad Men, true crime documentaries, gardening, disco.

you deserve more from your wedding photographer.





all about

not about

Photos that freeze time

Directing & guiding > awkward posing

All of your details captured

Every moment is essential

Good music, candid moments, collaboration, multiple coffees a day, new places, fresh air.

Winter, stiff poses, skipping meals, one-size-fits-all, over-editing, crooked lines.